Super Dragin: Solve Your Liquid Clean Up Challenges Simply And Affordably.

If you have ever thought to yourself...
How can I clean up or collect that liquid more easily... is your answer

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The Super Dragin Pump is a small versatile compressed air powered wet vac that...

• Never Requires Servicing

• Saves Time On Manual Labour

• Saves Money On Expensive Cleaning Products

• Simplifies Liquid Disposal

• Can Clean Up Flammable Liquids.

"Makes Your Clean-Up Job Easier"

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"Faster, Hassle Free Clean-Up and Disposal Of Liquids And Sludge."

Unlike regular wet vacs there are no moving parts to break down, burnout or block up! Gone are the days of burnt out electric vacuums, blocked diaphragm pumps and slow manual liquid transfer. You can even stop hiring expensive vacuum trucks for little job. No more absorbents, no more rags, no more mops...spill clean-up is no longer a major problem or cost! Stop spending $100-1000s on consumables.

   •5-Year Warranty      •30-Day No Hassle Trial      •Never Requires Servicing

The Super Dragin Pump is a small compressed air powered vacuum pump that turns metal drums into supercharged wet vacuums and has the ability to clean up pretty much any liquid such as:
• Water   • Diesel  • Coolant   
• Waste Oil   • Ink   
• Paint   • Gear Oil   • Mud
  • Sludge   • Concrete Slurry   
+ More
Clean up spills, clean out sumps and transfer liquid with ease!
"Start your 30-day trial today."
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Simplify Liquid Collection - Make Annoying Jobs Easy and Fast!

No more manual liquid transfer, blocked transfer pumps or hiring of expensive vacuum trucks. It sucks up almost any liquid and solid super fast (150L/min) which allows you to get the job done sooner! Just put the hose in the liquid and let the Super Dragin Pump do the rest. Once the drum fills up the pump will automatically stop.

Dispose Of It With Ease - Transfer Made Simple!

Once you have filled the drum you can then either seal the drum for disposal or use the pump to transfer the liquid to a larger container. The Super Dragin safely pressurises the drum and pushes the liquid out.

There is no need for pressure vessel ratings as the pressure will never go above 50kPa.^

Reduce Your Consumables - Stop Spending Thousands!

Clean up liquid spills fast and with ease and reduce or eliminate the use of rags, absorbents and mops. There is an easier and cheaper way to clean up spills. STOP spending thousands on consumables. The Super Dragin Pump is a one-off purchase which continues to work for you for years.

Spill Clean Up

Mark Copley - CPT Engineering

"We recently moved our factory and needed a way of cleaning out all of the machine tool coolant and oil for transport from the machine sumps and tanks. We used the Super Dragin Pump to vacuum up and transfer around 5000L and after all the machinery was moved we used it to wet vac the entire factory! Perfect!"

Supercharged Performance:

• Suction Capacity - Up To A Huge 150L/Min of Flow - "Fill A Drum In Just Over A Minute!"

• Vacuum Suction Lift - Up To 14inHG Of Vacuum - "That Is Enough Suction Power To
Crush A Drum If It Is Sealed."

• Vacuum Horizontal Distance - Up To 20m

• Minimal Compressed Air Usage - From Only 255L/Min (9CFM) @ 90-100PSI

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"4 Simple Steps To Install"

The Drum Kit Comes With Everything You Need To Get Started. All You Need Is:

1. A Compressor With The Correct Airflow Capacity.

2. An Airline With Fittings No Smaller Than 1/4 Inch

3. Any Metal Drum That Has A 3/4inch And A 2inch BSP Threaded Inlet.

4. Your Super Dragin.
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"Complete Mobile Liquid Collection Solutions...Including A Compressor...All For As Little As $10/day!"

Dave Vance
Hastings Deering (NT)
"We use the Super Dragin to clean out our sludge drains. It also enables us to contain and clean up spills of all sorts quickly and efficiently. It eliminates a large amount of physical labour"

Ben Rothen (Workshop Supervisor)
Sandvik Mining Rock Technology Kalgoorlie
"The Super Dragin works a treat, the guys are very happy with it, it's just the thing for cleaning out tanks of liquid and sludge. Probably cuts the job down at least in half compared to what we were doing before."

Brian Moncrieff (Fleet Superintendent)
CSL Shipping Australia
"To assist the ships staff the Super Dragin was acquired and worked brilliantly on clearing oil in save-alls (under engines) and cleaning the tank tops."

The mini

Super Dragin Pump mini

(Kit excludes drum and drum dolly)

Collection And Transfer Of Light Liquids Such As Water, Coolant, Diesel And Engine Oil.

*255 L/min (9 CFM) minimum free air delivery air compressor required for Vacuum.*

We recommend at least 481 L/min (17.5 CFM) for best performance of the mini.

The Plus

Super Dragin Pump Plus

(Kit excludes drum and drum dolly)

Spills Clean-Up And Collection And Transfer Of Liquids Such As Water, Coolant, Diesel And Engine Oil, Heavy Oils (Such As 85w140), Mud, Sludge Or Concrete Slurry.
*707 L/min (25 CFM) minimum free air delivery air compressor required.*

We recommend at least 850 L/min (30 CFM) for best performance of the Plus.

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^When used as per operational instructions.